Captive and Alternative Risk

Captive insurance protects your income by providing coverage where insurance is either unreasonably priced or there is an insurance gap that traditional policies cannot address. For years, larger corporations have benefitted from operating their own captive insurance companies. And recently, smaller, privately-held businesses have also turned to captive insurance as both a risk management tool and for its tax advantages.

Additional benefits of captive insurance include capturing underwriting profits, lower traditional costs, conversion of ordinary incomes to capital gains and more.

Forming a captive insurance company is a lengthy process that includes feasibility studies, financial projections and preparing and submitting an application for an insurance license. Partnering with a qualified captive management service, like AFG | A-M, is critical for a successful implementation.

Whether you need a partner who can help you create a customized captive insurance solution, or you just want to improve services for the one you have, we can help.