Contingent Cargo

Whether you arrange for the transportation of goods across the nation or around the globe, there’s always a chance the product won’t make it to its destination or may be damaged in transit. Thefts, accidents and sinking ships can wreak havoc on your bottom line. To protect your profit from these losses, a customized cargo insurance program is essential.

Products traveling by truck, rail, air or sea, all face similar risk exposures. Cargo insurance protects you from a variety of potential losses—including damaged or diminished assets as well as harm to your business reputation and your customer relationships. Most businesses have a tough time bouncing back from a significant business loss like this, which is why proper cargo insurance coverage is a critical component in managing your company’s risk.

With more than 20 years in the logistics industry, we have helped hundreds of businesses thrive with a comprehensive cargo protection plan. We also offer a suite of cargo-related risk management tools that include contract analysis, cargo loss prevention methods and claim recovery techniques.