Worldwide Broker Network

An increasingly interconnected world offers new realms of business opportunities, as well as risks. Rest assured, we have you covered. Associated Financial Group | Ahmann-Martin is a proud member of Worldwide Broker Network (WBN). This exclusive membership allows us to cultivate a global network comprised of over 15,000 individuals who specialize in all areas of coverage.

We tap into WBN to evaluate your risk and ensure compliance with local regulations, no matter where you are operating. Whether it is understanding local customs, or advising you on local laws, this membership provides global expertise with local knowledge. We partner with WBN to help you meet your international needs, including:

  • Asset protection across six continents
  • Global employee benefits and risk management consulting
  • Access to foreign firms who can break down language barriers and interpret complex concepts
  • Risk evaluation to ensure compliance with local regulations in over 60 countries
  • Customized global solutions tailored to fit a growing company
  • Access to a customer collaboration tool, so all parties can stay informed – at all times, from any location

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