Loss Control Assistance

We believe the best claim is the one that doesn’t happen. That’s why we offer a full array of loss prevention services, including customized risk assessments, consultative services, targeted training for workers and managers, and more. These services are backed by a team of experts that understands your industry and have the training and credentials to help minimize and identify loss.

In addition, AFG | A-M can help you with OSHA, DOT and other regulatory compliance, facility inspections and job site visits, disaster recovery and emergency event planning, goal setting and service timelines, access to web-based portals, and more. Specifically, we provide:

  • Initial risk assessment of operations
  • Quarterly regulatory compliance surveys
  • AWAIR program development and training
  • Right-to-know
  • Lockout/tagout program
  • Safety committee participation
  • Ergonomic work area review