Manufacturing companies often experience more significant losses than other businesses, such as the high costs associated with fixing machinery when it breaks down. Many times, the interruption claims far outweigh the costs of actually replacing or repairing the equipment. To keep operations running smoothly, manufacturing insurance has become a critical part of doing business.

And, if you manufacture or distribute a product to be used by the public, you could face potential manufacturing liability lawsuits. From recalls to patent infringement, we offer protection from these risks and more—particularly when a product manufactured by your company causes injury or harm to others.

Whether your manufacturing business is a small machine shop or a global corporation, it is important to find a trusted insurer that understands local and regional law in addition to federal regulations. AFG | A-M has decades of specialized experience and industry knowledge to help safeguard you against unforeseen exposures or changing laws. In addition, our specialists can help you design cost-effective manufacturing and products liability insurance programs that match your desired level of coverage with your business needs.