As employers struggle to control ever-increasing health care costs and manage the declining health of their employees, workplace wellness strategies become an integral part of the solution. These initiatives not only impact health care costs, but also increase employee productivity and loyalty, decrease absenteeism, and positively influence recruitment and retention initiatives.

It’s no secret that employees with more risk factors, including being overweight, smoking and having diabetes, cost more to insure than their healthier counterparts. An employee wellness program can offset that by increasing organizational awareness about health, and motivating high-risk employees to make lifestyle changes that will improve their quality of life and lower their health care costs.

Because health and productivity management programs come in all shapes and sizes, we will work with you to design a program that best fits your company budget and culture. Our wellness consultants can help you:

  • Establish a health and productivity strategy in a multi-dimensional way
  • Design a program that is strategic, budget friendly and creates a culture of wellness
  • Use data analytics to target the right programs and deliver solid evaluation metrics
  • Sustain and build your wellness program over time

By investing in your employees’ health, you’ll create a more dynamic workforce, improve company morale, and most importantly, make a big impact on your bottom line.